Brass Fire Hose Lugged Couplings and pin lugs hose fittings
 Brass and Stainless Steel hose menders jointers hose repairers
 Nickel Plated Nuts and Nipples for braided flexible hoses pipes tubes
 Brass Hose Nipples for hydraulic and pneumatic air hose fittings
 Various Brass Hydraulic and Hose Fittings
 90* and 60 Degree Coned male female swivel Hose nipples and hose tails Barbs
 Stainless Steel Compression fittings SS 304 316 S.S. fittings
 S.S. Hex Hose Barbs Nipples Barrel Pipe Nipples 
 Brass Bulk Head Connectors Unions
 Brass Bronze Copper Cast Elbows CastingTees Crosses 3 piece pc Unions Lock Back nuts
 Brass and Aluminium Manifolds Manifold adaptors
 Brass Bronze Gun Metal Water tank Connectors Adaptors Fittings
 Copper Aluminium Bimetal Bimetallic Aluminum Lugs Pins terminals Connectors
 Steel  PVC covered Flexible conduits G.I. Metallic conduits
 Brass Conduit Fittings and connectors for flexible conduits
 Brass Marine Cable Glands Accessories for Ship Decks
 Brass Fasteners Bolts Nuts Screws Turned Parts Anchors
 Brass Split Bolts Line taps Cable Connectors
 Brass Neutral Links Terminal Blocks Accessories
 Brass Cable Glands and Cable Accessories
Brass Nickel plated Electronic  CATV MATV connectors F connectors
 Copper Cable Lugs Terminals           .
Brass tyre tube valves and bicycle tube valves and air cycle valve
 Copper Bonded Grounding Earth rods and Earthing Accessories
 Brass Copper Bronze Earth Clamp EC14 type
 Steel DIN Mounting rails and Channels for Switchgears control panels
 Brass Moulding inserts Molding inserts
 Brass Copper Stainless Steel washers pressings Pressed parts
Brass Battery terminals Connectors
 Brass Anchors Pool cover Stainless Springs and hardware
 Bronze Gun Metal Brass Gunmetal Copper cast parts fittings mouldings castings
 Brass Slotted anchors expansion plugs wall anchors
 Steel G.I. Conduit Boxes Switch socket Boxes
 Brass Gun Metal bronze Conductor fixings tape clips DC clips Cross Bar Saddles
 Brass Copper Lightning lightening  Protection products accessories
 Brass socket plug pins live neutral pins for electrical plugs switches sockets
 Earth and Pipe Clamps from Gun metal Copper Braids Braided Connectors Bronze
 Brass Pipe and Plumbing Fittings Sanitary fitting
 Stainless Steel Turned Parts threaded components Fittings and Accessories
Brass Builder hardware
 Brass Aluminium Aluminum Folder  File Binding Book screws Chicago Screws
 Brass Wood Screws CSK head screws
 Brass Components for lighting and lamp parts accessories
 Brass Pipe Support Clips Clamps and Munsen rings Saddles
 Brass Garden hose Fittings GHT threaded accessories Brass components
 S.S. Brass  Compression Fittings Plumbing fittings
 S.S . Stainless Steel SS Flanges Welding weld flanges Blind screwed flanges fittings
 PVC Rubber Plastic Grommets seals mouldings moulded components conduit box grommets
 Male female Conduit Bushes  Brass male bushes plugs
 General Brass Turned Parts Machined Components Screw Machine parts
 Aluminium Turned Parts Aluminum Parts Components machined products